Board of Governors

Immediate Past President: Dr. Juan Lara Chao

President: Dr. Graciela Vivanco-Mendez

Vice President: Dr. Daniel Robles

Secretary: Dr. Felix Porras

Founder and Member at Large: Dr. Leon Dychter

Treasurer: Dr. Michael H. Hodapp

Presidential Remarks

I wish to invite all who are interested in dentistry to the International Association of Aerospace Dentistry (IAAD). The IAAD was established in 2008, as an affiliate of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), when it became apparent that aerospace dentistry is a subject that is often underserved, and travelers, pilots and divers suffer because of it. There is a need for awareness in this field, and our goal is to make the information available to all those who are interested. Please join us at our next meeting

Dr. Graciela Vivanco-Mendez
President of the IAAD