The International Association of Aerospace Dentistry (IAAD) was established through the vision of Dr. Leon Dychter in 2008. Dr. Dychter saw the need for Dentistry’s presence in Aerospace Medicine since most dentists were poorly educated in this field.

Dr. Dychter published his first article in “Helice” the journal of the Union Pilots of Mexico, that instigated discussion amongst the Unions Board of Directors. From this discussion, a friendship between the Unions President Mr. Armando Victoria Galvan and Dr. Leon Dychter began, and talks continued. While attending the Mexican Association of Aerospace Meeting in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico, Dr. Dychter met with Dr. Ramon Dominguez-Mompell of Madrid, Spain, and expressed his concerns about Aerospace Dentistry, and how the subject is being ignored amongst the professionals, while the number of in-flight cases that are occurring are of concern.

As Dr. Dychter continued his quest to put Aerospace and Aeronautic Dentistry back into the stream of topics of Dentistry and Medicine, he was given the nick-name of Odontologic. As talks continued, and the Aerospace community listened, Dr Dychter was able to give a speeches on the topic of Aerospace Dentistry to the Aerospace Medicine Community. During the 2006 at the Aerospace Medical Association Meeting (AsMA) in Orlando, Florida, the idea was presented to form an association with AsMA. In 2008, during the AsMA meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, the goal of forming an association with AsMA was reached, and the “International Association of Aerospace Dentistry” was formed. The meeting was attended by the following founding members: Dr. Leon Dychter, Dr. Ramon Dominguez-Mompell, Dr. Estrella Forster, Dr. Felix Porras, General Carlos Staff, Dr. Miguel Cima, Dr. Graciella Mendez, Carolina Mico, and Maria Livekis.

Since the initial organization of the founding members, the IAAD continues to stay abreast with the latest information available on the topic of aerospace dentistry. The IAAD holds its meeting every year in conjunction with the AsMA annual meeting. The IAAD also strives to deliver annually a Dental Panel or presentations for the General Assembly each year. The IAAD is committed to addressing the oral issues affecting pilots, divers, astronauts, and others associated with barometric changes in atmospheric pressure. We are also committed to stay abreast with the timelines that need to be addressed when delivering and prescribing drugs, and performing procedures, when treating these individuals. The IAAD is committed to stay abreast with the latest research and recommendations of the aerospace medical community, to ensure the safety of divers, pilots, crewmembers, passengers as well as astronauts.

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