IAAD/AsMA 2023 Meeting is Scheduled in New Orleans, LA at the Sheraton Hotel, May 21-25th

The 2022 Combined Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) and Undersea Hyperbaric Medicine (UHMS) Meeting at the Peppermill Resort was a special meeting. There were over 1600 participants, and the shared research gave insights to both organizations into the operations of undersea and aerospace medicine and how the two organizations complement each other. 

The business meeting of the International Association of Aerospace Dentistry (IAAD) had an exquisite venue. However due to travel restrictions, a quorum was not met. The IAAD Panel however, was held in the Tuscany 12 and had a good attendance. The meeting turned out to be quite a success in spite of the difficulty of some of our international friends inability to cross borders.  We hope and pray the spread of this horrific disease will end soon and allow us to return to a safe future.

The next IAAD/AsMA 2023 Meeting is Scheduled in New Orleans, LA at the Sheraton Hotel, May 21-25th. Information can be obtained on the AsMA website, www. AsMA.org.

With the continued progression of our commercial and governmental space programs, as well as the daily routine of commercial flights, recreational diving, and other activities that affect us, there comes an ever-increasing demand for knowledge and education in the field of aerospace dentistry. The IAAD would like to thank the Aerospace Medical Association, their staff, and members of the board for their continued support in furthering the advancement of aerospace dentistry within the medical community. For those interested in learning about this ever-expanding field, we hope to see you in New Orleans in May!